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Is manual driving not for you?
Would you like to learn to drive more confidently?
Are you looking to bring your driving experience to the UK?

You can Go Auto!

Automatic driving lessons are the way forward for new provisional licence holders of any age, nervous or anxious drivers, drivers with international experience, and anyone who has previously struggled with a manual car and would like to try an automatic.

If you are looking for automatic driving lessons in Harrogate, contact myself, Neil, today by email:

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The automatic solution – why drive with Go Auto?



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You will be sure to get great value for money with my structured, detailed driving lessons, so each hour you book with me is tailored to your individual needs.



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I have great experience in driving tuition, 20 years and counting, and have taught people from all backgrounds and skill levels to drive safely and to pass their tests.


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Learning to drive with Go Auto is about more than just passing your test. The road skills you pick up with my guidance will help you drive safely for years to come.





Making driving accessible to everyone

Learning to drive in an automatic vehicle is also a great option for people with disabilities, or limited mobility. I welcome drivers of all backgrounds and abilities, and my emphasis is not only on helping you to pass the test itself, but to help you become a safer more responsible driver first and foremost. If manual driving is not for you, book yourself in for automatic driving lessons in Harrogate with Go Auto!

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Learn to drive automatic

Learning to drive is a life skill, and the habits you are taught, and the way you learn to drive, is a skill that lasts a lifetime. If you are just taught how to pass your test, this puts you and your future passengers at risk of being unable to anticipate an incident in time. With Go Auto, and my automatic driving lessons in Harrogate, you will have the knowledge to be a safer driver for life.




Learn to drive in a modern vehicle

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid, is an environmentally conscious beginning to your driving, and will help you familiarise yourself with the future of driving vehicles that sound and drive very differently to the conventional petrol and diesel engines.

This car is comfortable to drive and handles precisely, enabling you to enjoy your automatic driving lessons in Harrogate, and learn to drive in a medium-sized hatchback more typical of the kind of car you may be driving after your test.

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A covid-safe environment to take
driving lessons

Even though restrictions have lifted, I take covid precautions very seriously, cleaning after every lesson. I always take driver health into consideration ensure that you have a safe environment from which to learn how to drive. If you have any queries, contact myself, Neil Rabson, on






Hear from my former drivers

I would recommend Neil to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive; he has the patience of a saint and is so calm and reassuring. He will put 110% effort into getting you through your test as long as you do the same.


Read more reviews and testimonials from my former pupils here..





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Get in touch to make an enquiry about automatic driving lessons in Harrogate. Fill in the form below, or call 07988 290399. Please feel free to text if I cannot answer right away.


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